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P  U  B  L  I  C          H  O  U  R  S :

Day                                                       Morning                                                 Afternoon

Monday  to  Friday                      07:00 h.                  to                               20:00 h.

Saturday                                        08:00 h. to 13:00 h.

Sunday  and  holidays                                                          Closed


Depending on the needs, we have special hours of delivery and collection of vehicles outside office hours, especially during holiday periods and / or holidays.


VAN CAR  can provide snow chain if you request in advance.  But is responsibility of the customer the correct installation of this security element whenever you need to travel on roads where they circulate mandatory.

The baby chairs provided by  VAN CAR  shall be installed by the customer and will be your responsibility to properly install them.


For travel outside the country the customer must request  VAN CAR ´s authorization  and inform the country to which you want to move and get the consent of  VAN CAR.


Rental rates include coverage of compulsory motor insurance and Supplemental Liability for damages to third parties arising from the use and the vehicle (CDW).

They are also insured the vehicle own damage (except the franchise for each category),  produced as a result of an accident, damage to windows and glass, vehicle theft or accidental fire.


Touring our groups: A, B  and C …………………………….. € 363,00 I.V.A. included
Touring our group: E …………………………….. € 726,00 I.V.A. included
Touring our group: F …………………………….. € 726,00 I.V.A. included
Minibuses with large boot, our group: H …………………………….. € 1.089,00 I.V.A. included
Minibuses, our group: H1 …………………………….. € 726,00 I.V.A. included
Vans, our groups: J, K, P and G  …………………………….. € 544,50 I.V.A. included
Vans, our group: L   …………………………….. € 726,00 I.V.A. included
Vans, our group: LL …………………………….. € 726,00 I.V.A. included
Trucks, our groups: M, M1, N and O                     …………………………….. € 726,00 I.V.A. included                                             


Insurance does not cover damage due to causes beyond the traffic, damage to the vehicle, and those caused by negligence of the driver. Nor does it cover those produced by circular routes unauthorized to normal traffic  (forest tracks, sports circuits, for circulation restricted locations such as ports and / or airports, etc..).


Punctures  and /or blowouts will always paid by the customer.

VAN  CAR  not responsible in any way for any damage to goods and/or baggage that the customer can carry in the vehicle.

In  VAN  CAR  will deliver the vehicle with a full fuel tank.  You can return full or we will charge to your final bill the difference in fuel at market price without any additional fee or penalty for its filling.

Remember that it is your responsibility,  if any , refuel the vehicle with the proper fuel.  If you have questions be sure to ask to our staff the type of fuel the vehicle requires that we give.

In case of malfunction or any other problem for the car rental,  you may call our roadside assistance service, active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  And you can also contact our office from where, within our business hours, we will advise and / or help you resolve the problem ASAP.

If you are interested in us to make delivery and / or going to pick up the car rented at home  VAN CAR  has a delivery and collection service for a fee.  Ask us different possibilities.

You can not book a car through our website, but will be able to view and calculate the price of the vehicle you are interested.  And then following the simple instructions of our website can send your inquiry by e-mail to which we will respond as soon as possible, or by calling our phone:  93 733 18 30,  where, within our business hours, we will respond immediately and thereby formalize your booking.

In  VAN  CAR  not going to apply any deposit or make any charge before you remove the vehicle, unless you request it.

If you have one you want to cancel the reservation and will not charge (except as previously agreed by both parties), so please specify if the vehicle does not forget to cancel your reservation.

Upon delivery of the vehicle,  VAN  CAR  staff is required to review it with you,  so that together they can point out,  if existing in this paragraph in the lease, any damage and / or deficiencies that the vehicle may have.

In the same way that the return of the vehicle our staff has a duty to report any damage and / or deficiency.

In the lease that is given at the time of collecting the vehicle details among other things:  the amount of the exemption,  the maximum weight (in the case of commercial vehicles) that can load,  exit the vehicle kilometers and the condition of the deposit.  Be sure to go over this detail and if in doubt, ask the staff of  VAN CAR.

Upon delivery of the vehicle, within our business hours, we will close your lease and we will deliver it closed its rent bill.  Outside office hours we will send your invoice to the address you have provided below.

If you prefer to receive an invoice by email please advise the  VAN CAR  person who attends along with your email address and we will send your bill by that means as soon as possible.


To remove your vehicle we will make a deduction based on the length of your rental on your credit card.

When the service of rent you may pay if you want your bill by cash or charge to your credit card and debit card.


If you want to extend the lease has to make it known to VAN CAR  by the end of the contract in force and having enough time to provide a new extended contract until the date of its extension.

It is the customer’s responsibility to bring the current lease on the vehicle, not having it or take it up can result in a sanction from competent authority.

And if you have any questions do not forget to ask our staff is to assist, help and serve where possible.

Last updated January 2013