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VAN  CAR                             R E N T A L      S E R V I C E 

VAN CAR  pleased to offer the Rental  of Cars, Minivans, Minibuses, crossovers, vans, vans and trucks in the most varied configurations and lift.

The simplest and cheapest manual and automatic cars , saloon with large boot medium, l arger vehicles family-style and high-end special occasion.  With wide selection of equipment.

Minivan, comfortable, versatile, well-equipped and up to seven passengers and different settings.

Minibuses, vehicles up to nine passengers including the driver, with different configuration options and a wide range of measures that allow different load capacities.

Crossovers, vans and vans 5 and 6 places with different load capacities ranging from 2 to 10 cubic meters.

Vans, with a wide variety of sizes that allow cargo volumes ranging from 2 to 15 cubic meters.  Some models with the possibility of loading up to 1,400 kg.

TRUCKS, the widest range of trucks up to 3,500 kg of PMA, which can lead to class B license:

        Chassis cabin Closed box of 4-5 meters.

        Chassis cab with box and lift.

        Chassis cab with open box,  fruit type.   

        Chassis Double Cab, 6 passenger, and open box.

        Chassis cab tipper open box.

        Chassis cab with open box and fence, in different measures.

And  VAN  CAR   offer all our vehicles with  A/C  and  R/CD,  clean,  full of fuel and revised so that you only have to sit behind the wheel.

We also have additional equipment such as forklifts, chains, baby seats, browsers, etc..

We rented short term,  day , days,  weekends,  business week, etc.  And also for sustained periods and for months without temporary compromise. And thinking about their promotions and fairs have created special rates for those events important to you.

Last updated January 2013